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You can come to the Meeting Point;

  1. by taxi
  2. with local bus
  3. with scooter
  4. with rental car
  5. on foot (only from Archangelos)
  6. IMPRESS Bus

We do NOT arrange transportation to and from the Jungle.
(When booking you can use an indication for the price. But always pay with the driver of the van) 

1) by taxi:   How do I tell the taxi driver where the Meeting Point is?

The Meeting Point is: "THE ROUND ABOUT SITUATED JUST SOUTH OF THE VILLAGE OF ARCHANGELOS. Convince the taxi driver that you really want to get out of there at that roundabout. And not somewhere IN the village of Archangelos! After all, many a taxi driver You have no idea what you are going to do from that roundabout, you can also ask if the taxi driver will call: (00 30) 6938 19 00 41. (Greek / English / Dutch / German / French)

For price indication of the taxi see this link


2) with local bus;   How does it work if I come with the local bus?

At the Meeting Point there is a bus stop Coming from the North you say: "Last bus stop in Archangelos - on the main road Rhodes-Lindos".

If you come from the South you say: "First bus stop in Archangelos on the main Lindos-Rhodes road".

The bus timetable is adjusted occasionally during the season.

So click shortly before departure on the link for the most recent bus schedule .


3) with scooter / 4) with rental car; w where is the Meeting Point?

The Meeting Point is located approximately half way up the Rhodes - Lindos road.

Coming from the North   it is the first roundabout.  
This is located just South of the village of Archangelos (ignore the exit you enter the village of Archangelos! - the main road takes you round go to the village of Archangelos and you will arrive straight on, on the south side of the village where the roundabout is located.  

Coming from the South   after Lindos it is the   fourth   roundabout.  

Double check   if you are at the right roundabout. . . ... . . the right roundabout has an exit to Malona / Massari and to Archangelos village.


locatie van de meetingpoint


5) on foot; use the google map link above for this.


6)   IMPRESS Bus;   we can refer you to IMPRESS HOLIDAYS.

They have (mini) vans and large buses. They pick you up from your hotel or apartment and bring you back. They bring you to IN the Jungle where you will find   Nikos Papas.   It is important that Impress Holidays knows the times and place where you must be dropped off and picked up.

For more info, mail with Mrs. Stacey   from   Impress Holidays - she speaks English.   Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!            

You can also call. 00 30 2244 0 49060      

(until 1 April and after 15 October, the Impress Holidays office can be reached via:     Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! )

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