Unique trip through the Jungle of Rhodes™

Nikos Papas

More than 40 years going with Nikos into the Jungle of Rhodes.

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Enjoy Nature

You might see beautifull butterflies in the small butterfly valley of Nikos Papas. This lies deep in the green, accessible only by feet.along a narrow path.

There is the most delicious super-fresh Greek salad, which  can be enjoyed under the trees. There is unlimited soft drinks and fruit.  Having a very good condition is not required for this special day; in case you have any mobility problems please contact us. 
Bring your bath / surf shoes which can get wet, because you walk about 200 meters through the river of natural spring water.

NIKOS PAPAS gives an alternative route for those who like to wade through the water till their waist. An unique and refreshing experience! 

enjoy nature


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Meeting point

rhodos route

Interest aroused?

Nikos Papas started 40 years ago by bringing his foreighn friends by donkey to his hidden orange gardens. Slowly this has been developed to a daytrip by Jeeps.    Now the guests arrive by  rented  car/moto or by local bus/taxi at the Meeting Point. Or by minibus - see FAQ. This day in the Jungle has no hidden commerciall activities such as sale of bath shoes and expensive DVDs, or a visit to a souvenir factory.

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Especially in high season this day is often fully booked. Ensure a place at this Rhodes crazy 'Jungle of Rhodes' excursion. Use the red button to book direct.   Be there! . It's a unforgettable and special day! Direct booking by pushing the red button

Be there. It is a special day!

Crazy Greek?

There is much to tell about this Sweet Crazy Greek. He is an extrovert man who loves to spent the day with his guests in his beautifull Jungle..  You will find out that he enjoyes this day as much as you will do!  The atmosphere during such a Jungle day is special, the surrounding is impressing and relaxing.
And Nikos?
He makes it a super day for you.

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