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With a population of almost eight thousand inhabitants is the epithet "village", according to some incorrect. It is spoken in many places across the town Archangelos. But anyone who has visited Archangelos which will agree that little town is in this place that actually has its origins in the seventh century AD. Because the location was very susceptible to attacks by pirates are former small settlements to be found here were gone. Only at the end of the Middle Ages, after the fall of Constantinople, the St. John the Knights built a fortress on the hill in Archangelos. From this castle the remains are still visible. The ruin is called the Acropolis of Archangelos.


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Ixia you can actually hardly call it a village, has anything but little towns on Rhodes: from virtually anywhere from Ixia you have a good to great sea views. And what a view .... Nowhere in Rhodes sea seems bluer here Ixia or the adjacent Ialysos. Especially in the afternoon it seems like every color blue in the sea represented: from bright bright light through azure to a deep dark hue far into the horizon.


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The city of Lindos on the east coast is nicknamed 'The white town', which it owes to the white houses that are in the village. Lindos is a beautiful bay, above the town stands the ancient Acropolis of Lindos with the temple of Athena Lindia. Because of the high temperatures in the summer it is advisable to schedule a visit to Lindos before noon.

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