About Nikos

His childhood

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Nikos Papas was born in the then largest and most traditional village of the island: Archangelos. This village is known for its beautiful village with blue-white houses, a church where the confectionery market where the women still some in traditional dress, gather. His father was the first Papas with a license. Until that time, the transport by donkey. Mother sat on the donkey, the luggage was tied and the Papas and children Lieper wrong. From his tenth year he guided tourists along a narrow and unfamiliar path to Tsambika Beach. At 18 there was electricity in the village!

Tourism Archangelos

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When Nikos service had arrived from his parents a surprise for him, had Nikos order to keep the village they built a house .. On the main village road. In the winter stayed there kids from the next village who sat at the adjacent school. In the summer, Nikos was in his element. The rooms were rented to tourists. It was the first hotel in the village. Shortly thereafter hj built a second floor of his hotel. He opened a travel agency. And closed it again after a few years. He wanted nothing more than to only do the Jungle Tour. And he does now! And enjoy every day of it!

His own Hotel

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It also demonstrated that Nikos has an absolute-click the holiday guest. He started with small trips; unique because it went! He devised his own Mad Greek Night. Just Greek clothing for the guests and torches. Guests enjoyed. Nikos equally so! The village turned out. The men entered the spacious terrace. The women sat on chairs brought on the other side of the road! Nikos made a big happening on! Traffic froze! Both enjoyed the villagers as well as tourists!

Leisure and mini trips

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The 'Jungle of Rhodes' has undergone a major development. It began un 1971. He took his guests into his minivan. Then with Jeeps or by bus. And now you can by local bus to the Jungle, or by scooter or rental car.

Start with its Jungle day

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Fantastic day out with the passionate and eccentric Greek Nikos Papas from one of the mountain villages of Rhodes. This day should not be missed! Nikos Papas and his dog will lead you through the beautiful and unknown nature reserve near "his" village. During this unforgettable day you walk in total not more than 2 km. A few meters of it goes through the water halfway up your calf (take badschoentjes along). Then you reach a waterfall where the water falls down gekletterend loud. Nikos Papas creaky speaks English, German and Dutch. Languages enough; you'll get there with him!

Jungle Today

It starts in the meeting on the main road from Rhodes Town to Lindos

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Of course it is also time to relax. You choose one of the shady sitting areas with privacy if you choose a seat overlooking the truly beautiful mountain lake. Perhaps you'd rather lie in the shade of a large tree in one of the groups hung hammocks? Or. . . . . you are lucky and you get one of the hammocks that are strung across the mountain lake - but not squeak when you hit bottom the water he?

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