The island of Rhodes

More beautiful than the sun, was alleged in antiquity - and even now the sun shines 270 days a year

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Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese. The archipelago comprises 200 islands. Some islands are very small, 27 from the group of islands are permanently inhabited. Rhodes has an area of 1398 sq km. And is the fifth largest island of Greece. The landscape of Rhodes is hilly.
The highest peak reaches Attaviros in the mountains above 1200 meters. Rhodes has a length of 80 km, the maximum width is 35 km. The coastline consists largely of sand and pebble beaches.



West Coast of Rhodes

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The west coast of Rhodes is greener, quieter and less popular than the east coast of the island. Sometimes there is also some wind. The beaches are smaller and mostly pebble beaches instead of sandy beaches. The residents on the east coast like their beaches much better than the west coast. It is a matter of taste. The beaches are perhaps smaller but they are much longer. Most of tourist resorts are located on the area between Rhodes town

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East coast of Rhodes

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Between Rhodes and the small resort town of Charáki is the east coast of the island dotted with coves, one is more beautiful and picturesque than the other.
The beaches here are extremely varied, pebble beach between the rocks in the Anthony Quinn Bay and a kilometer long, wide sandy beach with sand dunes looking blown up sand hills on the Tsambika Beach.

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Rhodes City

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In the ancient city are the main attractions: the theater, the stadium (200 meters long and 35 meters wide) and the remains of the Temple of Apollo.

The main attractions in the town knight from the Middle Ages to the enactment, the Archaeological Museum, the city walls and the Mandraki Harbour (At the entrance of this would have been the Colossus).

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More about Rhodes

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Greece's sun, water, wind and islands, hundreds of islands.

These elements make Greece particularly attractive for gourmets.
Leaving an island that fades from view and a new island that looms on the horizon gives an extra dimension.
In addition, Greece has a hospitable people, rich culture and hundreds of taverns.

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