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The west coast of Rhodes is greener, quieter and less popular than the east coast of the island. Sometimes there is also some wind. The beaches are smaller and mostly pebble beaches instead of sandy beaches. The residents on the east coast like their beaches much better than the west coast. It is a matter of taste. The beaches are perhaps smaller but they are much longer. Most of tourist resorts are located on the area between Rhodes town

and Paradisi airport, so the most northern part on the westside of the island. Thereafter, the tourism almost stops and you will see more farms and vineyards.

There are the remains of the ancient town of Ialyssos and Mount Felerimos with its photogenic mix of Byzantine and St. John churches among the pine trees.

Behind the airport is the road to the Petoulades valley where you can see (late June - early September) millions of butterflies (actually they are moths). The next significant destination is Kamiros. This is the second abandoned ancient city on the west coast and also one of the most popular excursion destinations of the island. After Kamiros is the road even quieter. In the port town of Kamiros Skala are daily connections with the island of Halki (Chalki), located near Rhodes. Monolithos is the main village in the southern part of the west coast. The beach is not really much, but on the hill is a castle of St. John, which is perhaps the most impressive castle of the island. It was built in the 15th century. From the hillside there is a beautiful view of the island of Halki. South of Monolithos is the island barely inhabited.



Places you must see on the west coast of Rhodes


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Natural cypress grove Embonas” In the Northeastern part of the island of Rhodes, close to the village Embona, in the district Attavirou and specifically on the spot "Katarti" in the province of Dodecanese, is a natural forest with cypress. The forest has been rated as

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Filerimos' .... that search the lonelines'.

For the inhabitants of Rhodes Town is mount Filerimos a popular recreation area. On the 267 meters high plateau is even in summer relatively cool and on the way up is always a wonderful view of the coast. Here was during the classical antiquity, the acropolis Lalyssos.

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Ixia you can call it is actually barely a village, does something have little villages on Rhodes: from virtually anywhere from Ixia have a good to great sea views. And what a view .... Rhodes seems nowhere on the sea bluer than here in Ixia or the adjacent Ialysos. Especially in the afternoon it seems like every color of blue in the sea is represented: from bright light

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Kamiros was one of the three oldest Doric cities.
Kamiros is located against a hill on the west coast, about 25 kilometers from Rhodes town.
In 142 BC, the city was destroyed by an earthquake and in 1929 again excavated by the Italians.

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In the butterfly valley Petaloúdes are from June to August thousands of butterflies (in Greek Petaloúdes). Previously, there were hundreds of thousands butterflies, but partly due to the many tourists, the number decreased sharply. The most observed butterfly is the dotted Harlequin (Callimorpha quadripuncta). When this butterfly is quiet. It is black with yellow stripes, and bright red when he is flying.

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The peninsula Prasonissi.
The unknown southern part of the island of Rhodes. Prasonissi is a beautiful peninsula and only accessible via a narrow road, through an impressive landscape. Here is the point where the calm Aegean Sea and the rough Mediterranean Sea comes together; Wild waves

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