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On Rhodes, many men and women are called Tsambikas or Tsambika. The reason is probably a miraculous icon. The legend tells that centuries ago, a parent involuntarily childless couple found a portrait of Mary on the east coast of Rhodes.

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Stegna beach (2500 m.), You might say, the beach and the fishing port of Archangelos. A barely discovered bay with a beautiful sandy beach where so far only were the Greeks themselves. Gradually appeared necessary tavernas, a hotel, a car / moped rental and a single grocery store. Mass tourism has so far failed to materialize happy.

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kolimbia excursie Rhodos | Nikos-papas.nl

From the ring road around the island leads a long eucalyptus tree-lined avenue to Kolimbia, where all the streets are named after European capitals. Except for the trees, here is everything new. The village consists mainly of food and beverage outlets, hotels and shops.

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Lindos is originally a Dorian city and had a large harbor and fleet.
In the 15th century, the Knight of St. John built a fortress on the Greek acropolis.

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kalithea excursie Rhodos | Nikos-papas.nl

The old resort of Turkish domination: ‘Thermal Springs of Kallithea'.
Rhodes had until the Second World War, sun, seam culture and other attractions: a seaside resort with mineral springs

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