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On Rhodes, many men and women are called Tsambikas or Tsambika. The reason is probably a miraculous icon. The legend tells that centuries ago, a parent involuntarily childless couple found a portrait of Mary on the east coast of Rhodes.

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The couple magnanimously carried it to the Tsambika Mountain and nine months later, against all odds, the woman gave birth. The miracle was talked about and since then, women and couples go on pilgrimage to the icon of the Mother of God for fertility or to beg. If the pilgrimage was a success, the child is called Tsambikos or Tsambika. A second legend tells about the miraculous journey of the icon. When she was found on the beach Tsambika, the fair inhabitants of Rhodes were trying to figure out where she really belongs. Messengers were sent to all parts of the Byzantine Empire. They finally found the clue on the island of Cyprus. The relevant icon was missing in the Kykko monastery. They brought the icon back, but the next morning, she was found in Tsambika. They tried again, and then they realized that it was the wish of the Mother of God, that the icon stayed on Rhodes. Therefore, a church and a monastery were built for her. A signpost on the main road from Rhodes to Lindos is pointing to a narrow, winding road to the Tsambika Mountain. The last 15 minutes you have to walk this road. The monastery church is always open; the miraculous icon is no longer there.

A moment later, the main road coming from the direction of Rhodes was divides into a dead-end asphalt road or to the beach of Tsambika. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. On the beach it's not allowed to build, because the terrain belongs to the Church and a protected nature area. Only a tavern and nine moving 'Kantinas' were admitted as a tourist service. After the division, the road goes uphill and passes the modern monastery Kato Tsambika with the beautiful church. For safety reasons, the miraculous icon was kept here. Only on 7 and 8 September every year, she still will be carried to the mountain.

A child is usually baptized here at the age of three months upto three years. There will be a name given to the child, that was only with nicknames accosted before the baptism. Previously, at the baptism, it was a custom that the godparents gives the name. This was and is in most cases, the name of the grandfather or grandmother. Previously, it didn't happen in consultation with the parents. Now it is and they decide by themselves, about the name. An exception to the rule is naming the child as a "promise" to a saint. Sometimes it happens that parents make a promise in a prayer and during the naming, this saint is honored in this way. I am thinking in particular to the name "Tsambikos" for a boy and "Tsambika" for a girl. This is a name that comes from Rhodes. Here is the mountain "Tsambika", called after the holy mother Mary Tsambika. Women, who have problems getting pregnant, must climb this mountain barefoot, praying all night, on their knees, in the small chapel, on top of the mountain and begging for fertility. If such, a woman subsequently becomes pregnant. She normally gives the child the name of the saint, Tsambika. At the baptism, at least one godparent must be present, to give the child a name. Since the costs are shouldered by the godparent, it is common to ask several people. In this way, the costs can be shared and it remains affordable, because the godparents pay for the following: baptism, clothes, the candles, the priest, the sheets, the bride sugars (dragees), a golden cross for the child and after the baptism, also clothes, blankets, underwear and shoes. Sometimes it can be very expensive. During baptism, the mother gives up her child symbolicly to God and therefore she should not be present. After the baptism, she is waiting at the exit of the church, to take her child and to find out the given name for the child.

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