stegna, Rhodos |

Stegna beach (2500 m.), You might say, the beach and the fishing port of Archangelos. A barely discovered bay with a beautiful sandy beach where so far only were the Greeks themselves. Gradually appeared necessary tavernas, a hotel, a car / moped rental and a single grocery store. Mass tourism has so far failed to materialize happy.

stegna, Rhodos |

Stegna is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Rhodes. Stegna is located about 30 kilometers from the capital Rhodes in the village you will find next to several restaurants and hotels also rent cars and scooters. Stegna Beach is one of the most beautiful of the whole island. The small pebbles on the beach is a nice entry into the water. The beach is enclosed in a natural dominant almost 60 meter high rock, which is a true goal of all photographers visiting Stegna.

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