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Lindos is originally a Dorian city and had a large harbor and fleet.
In the 15th century, the Knight of St. John built a fortress on the Greek acropolis.

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In the 16th century here lived about 17,000 people. Now, there are only around 800. The town is only open to visitors on foot or by donkey. Along the road to the acropolis, many textiles are being sold. On the acropolis, you can see the castle of the Knights of St John and the remains of the Temple of Athena Lindia. From the acropolis, you can see the port of Paul. This city is located about 55 km away from Rhodes, on the east side of the island. Daily bus services bringing many tourists to Lindos and Papas Nikos organize excursions to this charming town. The trip to Lindos along the various villages is very beautiful. We pass through olive groves, orange and lemon groves and a dry riverbed.

At the highest point of the road, a few kilometers from Lindos, we have a beautiful view over the town and the surrounding area. Lindos lies along a beautiful bay and we see also the small harbor and the fine sand. After the colonization of the Dorians, in the 11th century BC, Lindos grew into a major power. Around 690 BC, they founded colonies in Sicily and in the south of Asia Minor. That time, Lindos was one of the major trading centers and port city. In the 7th century BC, Lindos reached the peak of its development during the reign of the ruler Kleoboulos. He was an important and dynamic figure in the ancient world, obtained his power as leader of the Democratic People's Party of Lindos, and he reigned for nearly 40 years. Thanks to his democratic and smart views, he became famous as one of the Seven Sages. One of his philosophical statements is immortalized as an inscription in the Temple of Apollo at Lindos, the statement says: “Choose the golden mean.” Upward the spit of land is a round building, depicting the tomb of the ruler Kleoboulos. The tomb has a diameter of 28.43 m and a height of 2.80 m. It is built with large carved out stones and has a conical roof and around the building is a molding. When we entered the building through the door, we arrive in a corridor that leads to the burial chamber. This room is 3.87 meters by 2.34 meters. The grave is on the southwest side, carved out of stone.

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